Pai Gow Teen Day

Pai Gow Teen Day, casino game from the Song Dynasty in China. Once you get pair of teen and gee joon, you can all win. Exciting and fun.

5 stars on App Store

Pai Gow Teen DayApp Store5

4.02 stars on Google Play

Pai Gow Teen DayGoogle Play4.02

The best pai gow game for beginner. With icons for setting pai gow hands and free unlimited chips.  Play with a set of of 32 Chinese dominoes.

Beautiful icons for setting pai gow hands

When setting the pai gow hands, there are beautiful icons next to the hands.  It is useful for beginner to learn and set the pai gow hands.

Free Unlimited Chips

When your balance below $1,000, you could get free chips by enter the chips page.

Unlimited bet for advanced users

When playing the advanced table, you could bet as much as you can for the game.


Well Graphics games as I want. Really this is a very funny & interesting games for all clases of people. before I didn’t play this type of games but now I like it most. Thanks.

Wang Wan

Best Fun!!
Best fun i have seen ever in app store.lovei it most.

xixan hauna